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Jul 2

Sustainable Is The New Green

Green has certainly gotten a bad taste in people’s mouths over the last few years. Whether it is consumer packaging or the construction industry, an unpolished green-washing has lingered over many parts of many industries; however, it does not need to be that way.

The term Green literally comes with many definitions, but one stands out with particular precedence: “made with little environmental harm and produced in an environmentally and ecologically friendly way, e.g. by using renewable resources”. In basic form, this definition is fundamentally positive; however, some recent transgressions, even up to the global level, have painted this color with impure clarity—tainting its complexion. Fortunately for you, you don’t have to follow that path and can instead break freely into greener pastures (pun intended)!

In the building industry, one key component of Green that we embrace here at Benjamin Obdyke is Sustainability. To homeowners, we offer a multitude of products that are designed to preserve and sustain your living environment—your home. To the architects, builders or contractors (the real ABC’s of home design and development!), we offer products designed to enhance the durability of your creations outer structure—making it truly sustainable. And if there is one thing about Greenthat everyone can agree upon, it is that a sustainable structure is by definition built to last; ergo, it consumes fewer resources. Now that is Truly Green.

Green is all around us and can be found in places big and small—ever in your own backyard! For instance, we at Benjamin Obdyke get an abundance of wooden pallets at our Pennsylvania-based facility from various shipments coming in and out. Regardless of how many shipments come in and out, the surplus only continued to grow. Coincidentally, around this time there occurred a need for more storage space and shelving within our back warehouse and application testing lab. Stepping back and taking a holistic approach to this situation, we devised a satisfying solution by instead of putting all this useful lumber to waste—put this good wood to work! These pallets were cut down and bound together to form a plethora of functional, heavy-duty storage space that would last for years to come; thus, forming a very Green resolution to this dilemma. I have even heard of other individuals utilizing shipping pallets in resourceful ways: Christmas tree stands when selling Christmas trees (two pallets can support up to 4 trees in the upright position!).

You can pave your own unwritten path and I encourage you to define what Green means to you and to let us know about it! Send us your definition of Green and maybe we will feature your creativity on our website or a future publication!

It is good to be the king, but there is always room to Build Better™.

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