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Jun 2

Let the Innovative Times Rolls—Somebody Let the Cat out of the Bag!

Following up from our recent talks about unique applications of Benjamin Obdyke products; check out these two high-profile applications in which the builders decided to Build Better® with products from Benjamin Obdyke in untraditional ways.

Cougar Vent® – Not Your Ordinary Ridge Vent! The Journal of Light Construction recently featured a builder with a cutting edge mindset who was looking for unique was to improve his building design—so how did he achieve this when designing his rainscreen wall system? Well, with Cougar® Ridge Vent, of course! Check out this full article on JLC’s website or in their recent issue (Building a High Performance Shell – May 2010; This builder branched out with a unique rainscreen application with Cougar® Ridge Vent in which he applied this ¾” thick product at the base of the wall system to fit between the strapping on the wall and helped to pin the insect screen to the back of the siding1.

1Disclaimer: That was not a typo; sometimes with the right idea you can even Build Better® walls systems with products that are typically found for use in a roof or vice versa! Same goes for foundation products as well or even landscaping products—there are ideas all around us! Across many different industries we have seen products and technologies bridge the gap and serve multiple uses; clothing and building wraps are one great example. Both had to breathe to create a better product and both ending up benefiting from the use of similar technologies.

Home Slicker® – Not your father’s rainscreen! Exterior insulation is a growing trend in the building industry and for good reason too. There are some great benefits to building a wall assembly with this type of construction including, but not limited to increased R-value and enhanced durability. In many of these applications you may be wondering how to incorporate a rainscreen design in junction with your exterior insulation assembly. Well have no fear, Home Slicker® is here! Upon installing your exterior weather-resistive barrier (i.e. housewrap, building paper, etc.) and your exterior insulation, Home Slicker® rainscreen products can then be installed prior to the application of the cladding, but don’t forget to apply Home Slicker® with fasteners that are long enough to hold the product onto the wall before the application of the cladding (note: the same fasteners that would be used to install your siding are sufficient for the application of Home Slicker®, in most cases). Also remember since the wall thickness is greatly increased with these assemblies, you need to use fasteners that are long enough to allow for the properly required penetration depths as per your local building requirements. Benjamin Obdyke also has recently added a new detail to their website application library to better depict this type of application—and check back often as we are continually expanding this library to help you Build Better®. Some builders are already employing this excellent defensive building strategy to help fight the battle against moisture-related building enclosure issues; the highly-acclaimed Journal of Light Construction recently featured a craftsman builder utilizing Home Slicker® with this methodology in mind (Built-Out Trim for Exterior Foam – April 2010;

Bring out the craftsman in yourself today, immerse yourself in innovation, and lets Build Better®together.

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