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Nov 1

Hydrofilament® Drainable Housewrap Named ‘100 Best New Products’

*Please Note: Hydrofilament was replaced by the new Hydrogap Product January 2012. For information on this product, please visit

Drains 80% Faster Than Next Best-Performing Enhanced Housewrap.

Hydrofilament® Drainable Housewrap by Benjamin Obdyke – the fastest-draining housewrap available on the market today – was named among the 100 Best New Products in 2009 by Professional Builder and Professional Remodeler magazines in their annual list of the most significant products introduced to the building industry each year.

Hydrofilament Drainable Housewrap has been shown in tests to drain moisture 80% faster than the next best-performing enhanced housewrap and delivers 140 times more drainage than a standard housewrap. When installed, it ensures that the wall behind the home’s exterior cladding will drain moisture that may penetrate the cladding faster and more efficiently, leading to a better building envelope and a wall system that improves the sustainability of the home.

Professional Builder, with an audience of builders, developers, and architects, searches each year for products that support innovation and new technology in new home construction. Professional Remodeler reaches experienced remodelers. Hydrofilament Drainable Housewrap fulfilled the magazines’ criteria for technological advancement, new product introduction, and increasing the competition of a product line.

The patented technology of Hydrofilament Drainable Housewrap creates a path for moisture trapped behind the cladding to flow freely, ensuring that exterior walls dry quicker. The filaments create a 1-mm gap that makes it the market leader for drainage capabilities among housewraps and sets it apart from competitive products.

Unlike other competitive enhanced housewraps, Hydrofilament Drainable Housewrap has performance characteristics that are maintained over time, even after ongoing exposure to wet conditions. Like all housewrap products, Hydrofilament Drainable Housewrap is a water resistive barrier that resists moisture and air penetration into the building and contributes to a structure’s energy efficiency. Its breathable structure allows moisture vapor to pass through the wall, resulting in a dry wall system. With building codes that regulate weather protection becoming more standardized, this product can provide the necessary liability protection and defense against callbacks for builders.

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