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FlatWrap® UV Black Housewrap

​FlatWrap® UV is an all black commercial-grade water-resistive barrier (housewrap) with enhanced UV and tear resistance. FlatWrap UV is specially designed for use with architectural designs that incorporate “open joint claddings.” The product features a high performance tri-laminate design with enhanced UV resistance versus typical weather resistant barriers. The black color of the house wrap enhances the aesthetic appeal to open joint architecture and does not contain any logos or branding. When used in conjunction with a rainscreen wall, it provides superior bulk water drainage, exceptional vapor permeability and durability.

FlatWrap UV is a perfect complement to Slicker® products as the WRB component in a rainscreen wall system. It can also be paired with HydroGap® Drainable housewrap as the required secondary layer in stone or stucco applications.

What is a Tri-Laminate Housewrap

What is a Tri-Laminate Housewrap

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