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Apr 10

FlatWrap HP is Now Available in 16 in Easy to Handle Roll

Did you know our commercial grade housewrap, FlatWrap HP, is available in a convenient 16 inch roll? FlatWrap HP 16 offers the same great characteristics of the 5 ft version in an easy to handle roll. The advantage of the 16 in roll reduces the amount of waste on the job site because it eliminates the need to cut down larger rolls for use in rafter, gable, sill, and outside corner applications.

With FlatWrap HP you get a premium tri-laminate housewrap that provides optimal strength while protecting the water resistant film layer, enhanced UV exposure of 6 months, greater tear resistance for jobs over 40 feet high and it resists damage from surfactants that can compromise other brands of housewrap.

Check out the video below to see the Benjamin Obdyke test house show you how to install FlatWrap HP 16 in all of its unique applications.

For more information about FlatWrap HP 16 please visit our website.

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