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Apr 21

Calling All Home Slicker And Cedar Breather Users

Home Slicker And Cedar Breather Fans: We Want You!

Build BetterTM isn’t just a philosophy at Benjamin Obdyke—it is a way of life. We develop, support and offer products for our fans that will help them. And we immerse ourselves in the understanding of their many uses. Two of more popular product lines have served a multitude of functions both relevant to the building industry and not. These products, Cedar Breather® and Home Slicker®, are known by many names—wall breather, vent mats, rolled rainscreens, Slicker, Rain-Slicker—but no matter what you call them, they’re main functions remain the same. Put simply—let it drain and let it dry. That being said, these products may have been designed for a specific purpose; however, they have served the needs for a growing list of unique applications.

Over the years we have collected some of the more intriguing uses of our products and now we have decided to share them with our fans:
The list goes on and on! We have heard everything from outdoor shower and hot-tubs applications to uses as floor cushions for employees who stand all day and need some relief. Regardless of the application, Benjamin Obdyke is here to support your innovations. We can’t always recommend it, but we can at least help steer you in the right direction! What unique applications of Cedar Breather and Home Slicker have you created? Let us know, and who knows maybe we will feature your creativity in a future update or newsletter.

  1. Column-Trim Spacer – check out the image to the right and click here to see how well-recognized building expert Gary Katz’s addresses a “Caulk-Free” Column Wrap!
  2. Deck Trim Spacer – if you are looking to apply some trim to “spice” up the look of your deck, Gary Katz also provides some great details and recommendations for using Home Slicker as a spacer between the rough lumber and the trim to allow for moisture ventilation & drainage (see image right). Check out the full article from Gary Katz Online here.
  3. Deck Ledger Spacer – protect your deck-ledger board. Deck ledger flashing can be complicated, but is a vital step to assist in preventing deck-ledger rot. Why not take it a step further by adding in some drainage and ventilation to the back side of the board as well by applying some Home Slicker to create a capillary break? This will provide you with some added worry-free relief and will help ensure that your masterpiece doesn’t “fall off the edge”.
  4. Deck Board Spacer – as Gary Katz’s says “sandwiching two pieces of material together traps moisture and causes rapid material failure”; so why not space-out you deck-boards to prevent moisture from getting trapped—another great Home Slicker application.
  5. Cushioning Underlayment for Camping—definitely not a common use of the product; however, our fans find their own ways to maximize their use of our products! Simply roll-out any of our Home Slicker or Cedar Breather products prior to setting up your tent and viola! You have a homemade “cushy for your tushy”.
  6. Coasters – cut some Home Slicker plus Typar into a 4” x 4” square (Martha would be proud!) and you have your very own “table-ring” saver. Disclaimer: Benjamin Obdyke cannot prevent beverage spillage!

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